Comprehensive approaches

Scenario 3: Newly Widowed, Overwhelmed by Details

Consider a scenario in which a wife is grieving the loss of her husband, while facing the daunting task of becoming actively involved in the management of her own financial future. She had previously relied on him to make all the financial decisions for the household. Confronting a complex mix of real estate assets, trust deeds, and multiple brokerage accounts, she would need a trustworthy, hands-on advisor to help educate her on her overall financial position. More importantly, she would need a road map to help simplify many complex financial decisions to come.
Our Solution:
Assuming the client’s husband had done a brilliant job of amassing and managing their wealth, it could still be difficult to understand the varied assets she now owns as well as determining current and future cash flow needs. Our first task would be to take inventory of her assets and cash flow streams, then determine exactly what is necessary to support her lifestyle. The next step would be to consolidate brokerage accounts spread out among different firms in order to simplify management and strategy. After creating and testing different allocation models within our financial planning process, we would recommend a suitable mix of assets managed with an investment strategy aligned with the client’s risk tolerance and income needs.

The Lesson:
A client facing this difficult situation would want to know that she is going to be financially secure, seeking simplification and clarity. A trustworthy advisor would serve her best by seeking to develop an all-encompassing plan to give her peace of mind. Banta’s holistic planning and management approach would address her needs and concerns, leading to a consolidated, easily understandable, well-monitored, balanced investment strategy. The client’s comfort with her overall financial security would be paramount.

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Disclaimer: These scenarios are intended only as hypothetical illustrations of the types of services that may be provided through Banta Asset Management, LP.  While elements of the scenarios here are drawn from actual client experiences, all Banta clients are managed based on individual circumstances. These scenarios are meant to illustrate our holistic approach to individual circumstances rather than specific experiences a Banta client can expect. Consequently, you should not assume that your experience would be the same, no matter how similar your circumstances are to these scenarios. Adverse market conditions and other contributing factors would impact accounts and would likely cause these hypothetical scenarios to be altered accordingly.

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