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Banta Clients: A Profile

We serve high net worth individuals at all stages of their lives. They turn to Banta for help planning retirement, building legacies for their children, transitioning to a new phase of life, or meeting any other challenge.

Most, but not all, of our clients fit this profile:
  1. Invested/investable assets of $500,000 to $20 million or more
  2. Live within their means
  3. Seek long-term growth rather than short-term cash flow
  4. Have realistic expectations and goals
  5. Are comfortable delegating financial management to others
  6. Value long-term advisory relationships
We are honest, open, communicative and respectful, and we enjoy serving clients who share those values. Please call us at 800-513-5899 to find out if we are a fit for each other.


We work objectively and tirelessly on your behalf. We’ve consistently earned the trust of high net worth families for more than 40 years. ...more>>