Stephen Banta


Stephen M Banta

Stephen graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Communications in 1993. While attending college, he began working in the financial services industry as an assistant wire operator with Smith Barney. He joined the Banta family business soon after graduating. Having demonstrated an early knack for operations, he became responsible for the operations and compliance aspects of our firm and today serves as Chief Compliance Officer. He is also proud to serve clients as an advisor and works closely with many families on financial and retirement planning.

Stephen is an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys surfing, alpine mountaineering, snowboarding, motorcycle riding and cycling. Stephen is an accomplished Ironman Triathlon competitor who engages in rigorous training to participate in triathlons consisting of swimming, cycling, and running. He is passionate about philanthropy and supports a wide variety of charitable organizations.

Stephen and his wife, Pamela, enjoy spending time together in the outdoors, they often can be found side by side cycling the open road.

  • Investment Advisor Representative


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